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Monday, January 31, 2011

Scarves for the Special Olympics

My first official post, is going to be a quick one, since it is very late and I just got in from a lovely evening with my sister and her kids.  I know I don't get nearly enough time with them.  My sweet little niece helped me make dinner for everyone.  At 5 she has so many questions about how to cut this, when to put that ingredient in the pan, and what's that leaf called again?  I think her favorite part was squashing the tomatoes for the sauce.  I just loved having her so interested in what I was doing, and telling me that I was the best auntie ever was a super bonus! 
The real reason for the late night post is my new mission.  I am making scarves, lots of scarves for the Special Olympics Scarf Project  So glad that I found out about it in time.  I posted a picture of my first completed one on the facebook page Scarves-For-Special-Olympics  I had a few people asking for the pattern so I figured I could share it on my new blog and send the link out into the wonderful community there.  Its a pretty basic concept, a granny square on each end attached in the middle by the same basic stitch worked back and forth instead of in a round.   So here it is:

Cari's Granny Scarf
Abbreviations used:
DC= Double Crochet
Ch= Chain
sl st- Slip Stitch
Hook size I 5.5mm
Make 2
Round 1: With Red Heart Super Saver 512 Turqua 
Chain 6, slip stitch in first ch to make a loop
Chain three (counts as first double crochet here and throughout) DC 2 times in loop, chain 2, DC 3 times in loop. Repeat 2 more times, sl st to top of starting ch3 (4 groups of 3 DC and 4 Ch2)  Fasten off

Round 2: With Red Heart Super Saver 886 Blue
Slip stitch into Ch2 space and Ch3 DC 2 times, Ch2 DC 3 times in same Space,* Ch 1 DC 3 times Ch2 DC 3 times in next Ch2 Space(4 times total). Ch 1 DC 3 times in next Ch1 space.(4 times total)  Repeat from *around, sl st to top of Ch3. Fasten off

Round 3: Change to Turqa Slip stitch into any Ch1 space Ch3 DC 2 times, Ch1, *DC 3 times Ch2 DC 3 times in next Ch2 Space, Ch1 DC 3 times in next Ch1 space, Ch1.  Repeat from * around.  sl stitch to top of Ch3. Fasten off

Round 4: Change to Blue and repeat last round with 3 DC in each ch 1 space(8 times total) and 3DC Ch2 3DC in each Ch 2 space (4 times total)

Round 5: Change to Turqua and repeat last round with 3 DC in each Ch 1 space (12 times total) and 3DC Ch2 3 DC in each Ch2 space (4 times total)

Scarf portion:
With Blue sl st in a corner space, Ch 4, 3DC in next space Ch1 and repeat 3 times finish with 1 DC in middle of corner, Ch3, turn (4 3DC groups and 1DC in each corner)
2DC in same space as turning Ch, Ch1, 3DC in next space, Ch1 and repeat 3 times Ch 3, turn (4 3DC groups)
 Repeat Pattern until it the scarf measures 30 inches.
 Fasten off and repeat with second square.
Stitch two halves together and weave in  loose yarns

I hope this all makes sense.  I am fairly new at writing patterns any problems with the pattern and just let me know and I will adjust it.  

Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy making this lovely scarf to make a very special person smile.

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