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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011, not my best year

This year brought a lot of troubles to our family.  My loving husband, Jeremiah was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  In a year we expected to be celebrating our son's senior year in high school setting in motion his college plans.  Our daughter turning 13, I suppose that is something to celebrate, instead we have been in hospitals for surgeries and intensive chemotherapy for my husband.  Spending our kid's college funds to stay afloat on 1/4 of our normal income. 
Jeremiah and I shortly before he was diagnosed with cancer

This year also brought a lot of joy. Time to come together as a family, finding some genuine friends in unexpected places, and teaching us a lot about ourselves.  My children have had to grow up very fast this year, taking on even more responsibility than their ages deemed necessary.  They both have done so without a complaint. Well, a few complaints, but with all this worry some complaining keeps you sane.
I am looking forward to 2012, my honey is starting physical therapy, to help him heal from the side effects of his chemo.  He will be returning to work in a few months.  My son is applying to colleges, and I am considering returning to school as well.
Our family in the midst of coping with chemo, at our son's last home game of high school
Jeremiah on a recent day trip to SF before his appt at UCSF

Starting to look like himself again. So happy that the biggest hurdle of his fight against cancer is over!
I have started some crafting again. Finding fun and relaxation in making our Christmas cards to send out, crocheting and sewing gifts. I have also become a 4H leader, heading up the sewing group and co-leading the crafts group.  My daughter is very involved with 4H and is looking forward to a very busy year.
Now to get back to blogging about my crafts, projects, and life in general!

Here is a random selection of projects I completed this year

I made my son's date's Prom dress
It turned out just how she imagined
My favorite detail, and very large yellow rose

A sewing tote bag for my daughter

Denim skirt I made for a sew-along

The second skirt I created for the sew-along

Lovely dress in progress for my daughter from vintage fabric

Owl pin cushion project for my 4H Sewing Group

Spring Colors Waffle Weave Scarf-Shawl

Scrappy Scarf and Large Flower

Zigzag Bag
Ruffled Pillow I worked on while watching over my love in the hospital

Scrappy Fascinator

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